Graduate Advising

University Deadlines 

By end of first semester

Choose committee chair
(obtain their signature on MA/MS Committee Form, available here)


By end of second semester

Choose second committee member
(obtain their signature on MA/MS Committee Form, available here)


Prior to thesis project

Choose third/outside committee member
(obtain their signature on MA/MS Committee Form, available here)


After 9 credit hours

Submit Degree Plan, available here


Start of last semester

Apply for graduation; see the Toulouse Graduate School website for more details

Make sure your professors remove grades of "Incomplete" in all prior courses required for this degree

Submit Degree Plan Change Form if there were any changes from the Degree Plan you submitted originally (almost always the case); you can access the form here.

File proof of completion of foreign language requirement for MA


Middle of last semester

Submit applied thesis to Toulouse;
deadlines are listed on the Toulouse Graduate School website

Guidelines for Emailing with Advisor

Please be timely in your responses to my messages.

When responding to my message, please address every issue I raised.  Make sure you have read my message carefully.

Please include my message in your response, to help me remember what I wrote.

If you write a long message that is a mix of informational updates and questions, please highlight the questions you want a response to.

Please do not expect me to immediately remember details of a message you sent some months earlier.  If you are picking up an earlier thread, start with a short review of the topic.

Please don’t forget to keep me posted on changes to your plans, be they changes in committee members, classes, thesis client, thesis-related activities, or other relevant topics.

Thank you!

Committee Members 

You should submit the MA/MS Committee Form to the Program Coordinator as soon as possible.  It is normal to submit it with only the Committee Chair filled out at first.  Signatures are required for all committee members.

The second committee member must be selected by the end of your second semester.  

The third/outside committee member must be selected before you start your thesis research.  In general, this person will have an area of expertise that relates to your thesis research, such as design or information science.

You should initiate conversations with me about your second and third committee members at the appropriate times.

If your third committee member is not on the UNT faculty, they need to be approved as an Associate Member of the Graduate Faculty by UNT's Toulouse Graduate School.  The process requires the person's CV and a copy of the department's Graduate Faculty Membership Policy.  The online application form, to be completed by the student's committee chair, is here.  (The committee chair needs to log into the Toulouse Graduate School site to access this page.)

6 weeks before Toulouse deadline: Completed thesis goes to committee chair

4-6 weeks before Toulouse deadline: Committee chair edits thesis and student makes changes to thesis

4 weeks before Toulouse deadline: Edited thesis goes to rest of committee for their edits

0-4 weeks before Toulouse deadline: Typically several rounds of feedback from committee and revisions by student

Toulouse deadline for final submission can be found on Toulouse Graduate School web page

You may need to plan more time than this in summer or due to special needs of committee members; confirm deadlines with them well in advance

Thesis Deadlines

Literature Review Independent Study 

I am willing to give you an independent lit review course in preparation for their applied thesis. This would constitute one of your anthropology electives. You would register for ANTH 5900 or 5910, titled "Special Problems." The course should be taken before the thesis, if at all possible. When planning the literature review, keep in mind that the syllabus should be completed before the semester starts; this requires a fair amount of advance planning.

For more detailed guidelines, see Guidelines for Special Problems Courses.

Thesis Guidelines 

See ANTH 5050, Preparation for Practice and the Applied Thesis, for a variety of documents pertaining to the proposal and thesis.

Online electives

INFO 5735 Usability and UX Assessment, Dr. Xin Wang, UNT College of Information. Offered in spring and summer semesters. Dr. Wang is an excellent instructor and has been the outside committee member for several of my students.

Bentley University’s UX Certificate Program

on-campus electives


ADES 5410 Foundations and Frameworks of Interaction Design. Offered in fall.

ADES 5420 Human-Centered Interaction Design 1. Offered in fall.

ADES 5450 Data Visualization and Information Design. Offered in fall.

Dallas Area Networking