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University of North Texas master's program

The Master’s Program in Applied Anthropology at UNT allows students to focus on business, technology, and design, if that is where their interests lie.  Students receive a strong grounding in anthropological theory while also conducting applied research projects for clients, which in the past have included Nissan, Motorola, and Microsoft. UNT has Tier One status in the Carnegie Classification of Institutions of Higher Education.

Faculty in our program generously mentor students, and the departmental atmosphere is friendly. 

You can learn more about the program here.

Review of the Business, Technology and Design focus

Brandon Meyer conducted a survey of past and present students in UNT’s applied anthropology program who focused on business, technology, and design, in order to learn more about student perceptions and outcomes.  Survey results included these findings:

“This unique combination of characteristics makes the Master’s of Applied Anthropology program at the University of North Texas one of the biggest boons to have developed for the emerging field of design anthropology and those who are interested in pursuing a career in the field…

The collaborative partnerships formed at UNT between academia and industry put their students in front of business and community leaders in order to demonstrate how anthropological research can have a direct and positive impact to their organizations…

The faculty were described as accessible and enthusiastic in sharing their network connections and resources with students as well. Based on the respondents’ overall assessment, the faculty and staff at UNT “encourage students to be proactive and take initiative” in their professional development while making themselves available to provide guidance and support to students both inside and, perhaps more impressive, outside of the classroom, such as at conferences. The small class size of the Applied Anthropology program at UNT makes this possible, and enables students to view their cohort as a community of colleagues and friends.”
— Meyer 2015

You can find Meyer’s full article here.

Society for applied anthropology podcast project

I am advisor for the SfAA Podcast Project, a student-led initiative that records sessions from the Society for Applied Anthropology and makes them publicly available.  The project was founded by my student Jen Cardew Kersey in 2007 and is run by UNT students.  It is supported jointly by UNT and SfAA.