International Applicants to UNT Graduate Programs

Applying to university of north texas (UNT)

How to apply to graduate programs as an international student


  • Be prepared that there will be quite a bit of paperwork. However, the UNT International Recruitment Team is eager to help make your application process as smooth and simple as possible! You can contact them at any time:


    • +1 940 369 7410

  • The main elements of the application process are:

    • Submit application to UNT Toulouse Graduate School (there is an application fee)

      • Note: You will be directed to apply through the ApplyTexas website. The application will require you to provide your “high school code.” Most likely the system will not have a code for your high school if it is located outside the US. So you will have to contact the UNT International Recruitment Team to create a code for your high school (see contact information above).

    • Submit application to Department of Anthropology at UNT (or whatever department you want to apply to)

    • Submit official transcripts

    • Submit copy of passport

    • Submit GRE scores (if required by department you are applying to)

    • Demonstrate English language proficiency (test options are listed here:

    • Apply for I-20 visa (only after you have been admitted to UNT; there is an application fee)

    • Submit statement of finances/proof of funding for the I-20 visa application

General information about applying to UNT as an international student

General information about graduate international admissions at UNT

Information about applying to the UNT Master’s Program in Anthropology

Information about applying for a student visa on the Homeland Security website

Costs of Graduate School at UNT

How to Pay for Graduate School


  • There are a number of opportunities to work as a teaching assistant or research assistant. Contact the department you are applying to for more information. You may also find jobs elsewhere on campus, for instance at the library. Your I-20 visa will not allow you to work for an employer other than the university.

  • Some university jobs enable you to pay in-state tuition, which is much less than international student tuition. Ask the department offering the job about this.


Information for Applicants in India

  • UNT accepts 3-year bachelor degrees from India that are earned at a NAAC Level A or better accredited institution.

  • UNT grants guaranteed admission to the top 20% of JEE-Main test-takers. Students receive the R10 lakh scholarship.