8/29/10 - Tour of Edo Period Architecture, EPIC Reception

EPIC organized tours of Tokyo for conference participants.  On Sunday, I went on an all-day tour that illuminated Japanese culture and history through an examination of Edo-period architecture.  Our tour guides were four Japanese students and they did a great job of planning the tour and showing us around.  In the morning, we visited the Edo-Tokyo Open-Air Architectural Museum, a park where famous buildings from the Edo period (1603-1868) had been collected.  (Group photo courtesy of Mai Yamazaki.)

We had lunch at a traditional soba resturant (noodles); the students showed us how to sit on tatami mats, explained the delicious foods offered, and demonstrated how to eat them – a fun way to learn about Japanese culture!  

In the afternoon, we visited the Edo-Tokyo Museum, which displayed Edo period architecture through amazingly detailed scale models. 

In the evening, the opening reception of the EPIC conference took place.  I visited with old friends and colleagues, and ended up at a restaurant with an interesting “nabe” one-pot meal experience, cooked at the table on a portable stove.  I went with my old friend Charline Poirier and a new acquaintance, an American designer based in Japan.